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Pregnancy of phase in time in which your amazing body is creating another life form. A full term pregnancy is considered 40 weeks from the first day of your last menstrual period. Over the months your body changes and adapts to this growing baby inside. Did you know your baby is fully formed by 12 weeks gestation? It then begins to grow at a rapid rate. 

After approximately 40 weeks, your body and growing baby then decides its time to begin the labor process. This process can take hours to weeks during the early phase. Once actively laboring, there's no stopping that baby and then your body births this new life. 


Don't we hate it when men say women are complicated? As much as we wish them to be wrong, it is true. We are very complex and that's okay. Our bodies change at such an early age and continues on into our elderly years. Everything about us is in constant evolution, whether it be physically, mentally, emotionally, sexually, or spiritually. 

In our early teen years, our bodies are beginning a new phase hormonally, preparing our bodies to be able to reproduce other beings. We then enter a period of time where we are fertile and can create life. Slowly over the years, our bodies then begin to close up shop, never to return to those earlier phases again.

The female body has complex anatomy and physiology. Hormones play an intricate role in the different phases every month and throughout our lives. Our brains communicate through a number of glands to signal when we should ovulate and menstruate, when our breasts should begin growing, what to do if the egg becomes fertilized, when to stop releasing an egg and initiate menopause. 

Most of the time, we can plan on our menstrual cycles like clockwork, knowing almost to the day, even hour, for when it should be starting. However, not every woman has regular cycles with predictable symptoms. Many factors can effect the irregularities of our cycles including, diet and nutrition, physical exercise, stress and major life events, and environmental factors.

The world of women's health doesn't stop at periods. Our anatomy can lead to an assortment of issues or problems such as pelvic infections from vaginal infections to sexually transmitted infections, pelvic floor weaknesses leading to organ prolapse or incontinence, sexual dysfunction, etc. These common issues are dealt with on a regular basis.

Midwives have been around for centuries, supporting women through their labors and births. The literal meaning of the term midwife is "with woman." These supportive women were usually close family or friends who would be there to provide care for the laboring woman and catch the baby.

Today's midwife does so much more than pregnancy-related care. We support women throughout their entire life. You can see me for all of your gynecological needs including: irregular periods, pelvic pain or infections, sexual health, birth control management, breast care, menopause and hormonal changes, pelvic organ prolapse, incontinence issues, and so much more! 

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